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Become part of a collective effort to ensure sustainable food production

SIF program for Vertical Farms

By being part of this certification program, retailers and food producers from around the globe are helping to ensure their produce is sustainable in from of the customers and the market. We partner with food production systems from across the globe, from large-scale industrial operations to small and more artisanal operations, to drive the market for sustainable food.

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What is SIF Certification ?

Sustainable Indoor Farm

SIF certification is a way of showing to the world that Indoor Farms meets the international best practices for sustainable production. Food produced in a SIF farm can carry the Green certification label, assuring customers that what they are buying is sustainable.

The SIF program has been build thanks to the Association Vertical Farming members and stakeholders like research institutions, universities, companies and with the cooperation of a century certification company like Control Union from United Kingdom, that brings a long term experience in the field of certification and control for programs.

The Certified Sustainable Indoor Farming (CSIF) programme was created to grow alongside the soil-less controlled environment agriculture industry, and to acknowledge and encourage sustainable practices. This bespoke certification programme is tailored to the production realities of soil-less controlled environment agriculture. The Standard was developed by Control Union UK Ltd. and the Association for Vertical Farming, through an international consultation process where the priorities and opinions of industry and research were used as a basis for setting sustainability requirements. At the time of developing the first iteration of the standard, data availability and data sharing is the key focus of the programme along with robust data collection, and an emphasis on continuous improvement, and supply chain transparency. Certification against this programme means that producers could stand to benefit from managing their production site in an environmentally conscious manner. Certification would also provide a platform to showcase the of positive environmental practices in soil-less controlled environment
agriculture, providing assurance to the end consumer that the product is produced in a well-managed production site.


Can I apply for the SIF program ?

A producer must meet the following scoping criteria to be eligible for assessment against the CSIF Programme Requirements:

a) the product must be a plant or a part of a plant (belong to the Plantae kingdom) 

b) the production method must be soil-less
c) production must take place in a controlled environment
d) the product must be non-GMO

With this definition we can cover all kind of producers that are growing in a controlled environment that are looking for a sustainable way to produce their products and to market it to the end consumers

Lista de verificación

Track an Indoor Farm 

Connect to our database

Our searchable database of all the sustainable indoor farms involved in the SIF program 

All certificates and assessments documents can be downloaded in our members area.

Contact us for more details

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What the people say ?

We started to sell to supermarkets and retailers but we needed a straong certification label to compete with other products in the market and SIF program brings us what we need

Marketing Director

Since the beginning we wanted to be the green hero and sustainability is key for us and for our products. Being some of the first to introduce SIF certification is an advantage for us and for our company 

CEO Indoor farm

As a consumer I see it very clear when I compare a product with SIF certification or without. For me sustainability is key and I want to bring my small contribution to the world and to make it a better place


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