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Certification Standard

Co-Developed by the Association Vertical Farming and Control Union

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How is the Standard used ?



Indoor Farms

Measuring is the beggining of a great development. With the introduction of 10 key points in the certification program we can be sure that the compliant indoor farms are truly sustainable and do not harm the environment and the ecosystems. 


Minimising environmental impact

Once measurements are done the next key point is to upgrade the installations and processes to achieve a sustainable standard defined in the SIF program. In order to minimize the impact we should work on it constantly.


Effective Indoor Farms Management

The aim of the SIF program is to stablish an effective way to keep in contol the key parameters for a sustainable indoor farm on the long term. Revisions and certifications are the way to guarantee the standard.

Indoor Farms Certification Process

The Sustainable Indoor Farming (SIF) accompanies the SIF Standard. It is the instruction manual for Conformity of Assessment Bodies (CABs) and defines the processes they must follow when assessing an indoor farm against the SIF Standard. The SIF also defines the criteria which determine wheter an indoor farm is eligible for certification, known as the scope requirements.

The SIF ensures that the assessment process is robust, transparent and credible and that the standard is applied equally to all indoor farms, regardless of the plants, production method, environment or size.

The SIF process is regularly reviewed.

The latest version is available for certification bodies on our SIF program documents page.

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