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Why Sustainability Matter

Working together for a better planet

Join us in the new food revolution

in order to create a better future we have to rethink our food production systems

Our mission is to raise awareness and to connect all stakeholders dedicated to food production systems to advance in the implementation of new techniques like vertical farming in a sustainable way for a better future for our plante

Meet our Sustainability Heroes

We believe in new and sustainable Vertical Farms

I started in vertical farming 3 years ago and I could not image all we could achieve in this short period of time. From the garage to a multistore building growing food for our neighborhood 

The NEW farmer

The products that we received from the Vertical Farm in our city are truly unique and amazingly fresh. They are clean, tasty and with powerfull and strong flavours that gives our dishes the special taste

The Chef

I dedicated my last 10 years to work in the automotive sector building robots for the production lines but when I found the opportunity to go to a vertical farm it was the best I could have done

The Engineer